Government selling Petrol to public on 57.14% profit—Government admits – Research Snipers

Government selling Petrol to public on 57.14% profit—Government admits

In a public accounts committee meeting government has admitted that the fuel purchased between Rs.30 to Rs.35 per litre is being sold to the public for Rs. 70 to Rs. 80 per litre.

This is how the government is treating its poor people who are already saddled with taxes, bills and rising cost of goods while having stagnant growth in disposable income.

The Public Accounts Committee meeting was held at parliament house, the meeting reviewed the audit observations regarding the ministry of petroleum, the ministry of food and ministry of agriculture, according to the nation.

Moreover, the secretary national food security informed the meeting about billions of rupees returned unspent during the PPP regime for Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan project.

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The auditor general was disappointed by the government inertia, he said the directives issued by PAC were not implemented in time. He also called upon finance ministry to introduce reforms in the system by following PAC directives. PAC sent around 40 directives to finance ministry but nothing was done about that.

PAC chairman has called a joint meeting with the finance minister and auditor general in which reforms decisions would be taken by the finance ministry.

Azam Sawati said, financial discrepancies of billions of rupees are found in the accounts of ministries, corrupt elements and corrupt practices should be brought to justice.

PTI MNA Dr Arif Alvi informed the meeting about irregularities in food department including seeds and crops, the food secretary ensured to create new rules for these issues.

The PAC chairman said that the rules could not be established even after the whole one year, nothing practical was done instead of spending Rs. 10 billion on ads. He ordered the ministry to form rules within one month otherwise strict action would be taken against the ministry.

The PAC organized a subcommittee under Ashiq Gopang in order to review the audit observations related to massive financial irregularities worth billions. The audit objections will be dealt with in the light of the PAC inquiry.