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Government Has Released Rs 598.493 Billion For Various Developmental Projects

The government is working on various developmental projects in Pakistan in collaboration with foreign lands. These projects include CPEC, Islamabad Burhan Transmission Line Project, and Circular Railway Revival in Karachi etc. Out of the total allocation being Rs 800 billion, the government has approved Rs 598.493 billion money for these developmental projects that will start in Pakistan.

Minsitry of Planning has released information which states that the government has given Rs 22.573 billion to Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission while its total distribution was Rs 27.690 billion. The growth and infrastructure projects that are under National Highway Authority has total allocation of Rs 188 billion while the government has approved of Rs 166.201 billion for these projects. For Power Sector Projects government released an amount of Rs 121.271 billion while its total allocation was of Rs 130 billion.

In order to build huge water reservoirs the government granted Rs 24.116 billion while the total money allocated for it was Rs 31.716 billion.For HEC Rs 19.172 billion have been given while its overall provision is of Rs 21.486 billion.

For Housing and Work Division Rs 7.219 billion has been approved despite the allocation of Rs 7.687 billion. Out of total of Rs 9.4337 billion Rs 4.716 billion is given to the Finance Sector. For the Interior Division the government has provided Rs 11 billion while its overall allocation is of Rs 11.568 billion. A programme called Special Federal Development Programme which is directed for Temporary Displaced Persons (TDPs) and Security Enhancement the government approved Rs 52.296 billion.

Moreover, for projects in Azad Jammu and Kashmir Rs 17.997 billion money, for projects in Gilgit-Baltistan Rs 9.64 billion and for SAFRON/FATA Rs 21.462 billion were released by the government.

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These total releases accounts for Rs 598.493 billion that have been approved for development projects in Pakistan. Let’s hope the money is used properly and it helps in further prosperity and betterment of the nation.