Government Registers over 7000 Out-of-School Children

It has been claimed by the Federal Education Ministry that it has enrolled over 7000 out of school children in the first phase of enrolment drive. Now the government has started the second phase of enrolment drive for out of school children in Islamabad.

The second phase of the drive was formally launched by the Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Shafqat Mahmood. Under this enrolment drive, 7188 children have been enrolled. Children between the ages of five and seven years were enrolled in the first phase while children between the ages of eight and twelve will be enrolled in the second phase.

In order to bring the students to the mainstream, reforms are also being introduced in seminaries. He said that children who are not enrolled in schools are facing health issues. The minister said that the government will introduce food programs in federal schools as well.

Furthermore, he said that it is not easy for teachers to teach out of school children. Among the four other government’s vision for the education and training sector, bringing out of school children in schools is the top priority. This campaign was launched 7 months back by the minister with the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) and NGOs including JICA, ARC, and PAGE.

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