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Government plans to Hire 4 Advisers to Restructure Pakistan Railways

Earlier this Friday, the federal government has planned to employ four professional advisers in order to restructure Pakistan Railways.

The Railway Department said that the authorities are stepping up to restructure Pakistan Railways over the directives of PM Imran Khan.

The department is looking for hiring four high-level professional advisers on a contractual basis for the duration of two years in order to restore the national entity according to the requirement and needs.

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PM Khan in March ordered to turn the loss-making Pakistan Railways into a profitable national entity.

A meeting took place on the restructuring of the railways at the Prime Minister’s house in Islamabad where PM Khan stressed the need to revamp the railway sector in order to make it operational and profitable.

According to the Prime Minister, progress in the railway sector is vital for the growth of the country, and for that he asked all the directives to make out a comprehensive plan in consultation with Dr.Ishrat Hussain Adviser on Institutional Reforms to restructure the railways.

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