Government Paid Off Debt of $20 Billion During 2.5 Years

During the first 2.5 years’ period, the current government has settled an amount of $20 billion as debt.

During the first 2.5 years period, the current government has settled an amount of $20 billion as debt.

In his recent address, Prime Minister Imran Khan said the country is overburdened due to the previous debts.

The PM was pleased over the record increase in the country’s exports when the economies around the world were badly affected by COVID-19

Pakistan’s exports have been more than the country’s competitors, including India and Bangladesh. Pakistan is also witnessing an improvement in the textile sector, and new textile mills are being opened.

The PM, on occasion, also thanked the overseas Pakistanis for trusting in the Roshan Digital accounts.

He added that around 88,000 thousand overseas Pakistanis from 97 countries worldwide had opened Roshan Digitial Pakistan accounts.

The PM further said “Many Pakistani expats are still unaware about the program,” and stated that there is a need for some digital campaigns to promote the Roshan Digital Accounts.

Talking about the economy, the premier said that the common man is overburdened due to the devaluation of the currency. However, the government is taking the economy in the right direction.

About the Roshan Digital Accounts

According to SBP, the simplification of the taxation will give a boost to the Roshan Digital Account project, which has already attracted significant inflows from NRPs during the five months of its launch.

It is said that the Roshan Digital Account is a remarkable initiative of SBP and aims at connecting overseas Pakistanis with Pakistan’s banking and payment system.

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