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Government Officials Donated More Than 3 Billion Rupees In Corona Emergency Fund

Coronavirus Crisis need 360-degree support from all segments of the country in order to support the poor people of the country that makes almost 60% of the country’s population. The labor segment is the backbone of the country and yet affected by the Coronavirus the most, donations from around the world have begun to receive in the Coronavirus Emergency Fund of Sindh Government, as of April 1, more than Rs.3 billion has been deposited in the emergency fund by various government officials.

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Spokesman Sindh Govt. Murtaza Wahab said in his tweet that the emergency fund has been collected by government employees and roughly Rs.2.85 billion has been deposited, the fund also includes salaries of members of the Assembly and provincial cabinet.

He said that Rs. 4 crore 31 lakh, 25 thousand and 671 rupees were given by private donors to the fund which is a great encouragement, a retired government employee from Sindh has collected Rs. 10 lakh donation from around the world. Pakistanis have also donated to the Corona Emergency Fund of Sindh Government.

It is to be noted that members of the PPP, MQM, PTI, and MMA have donated one month’s salary to the Emergency Fund. Murtaza Wahab said that the Sindh government would inform the nation on a daily basis about all the donations and expenditures. People and donors generously submit donations to the Corona Emergency Fund. A committee has also been formed to oversee the Corona emergency fund disbursement.

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