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Government officers are openly taking bribery at Torkham border

It has been observed that the officers of the government of Pakistan are openly taking bribery at the Transit Office of Torkham border that connects Pakistan with its neighboring country Afghanistan.

According to the details, the government officials at the Torkham border are not fulfilling their duties and increasing the risks to national security.

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The government officers are filling their pockets with the ill-gotten money by taking bribery from the people crossing the border.

People have protested against the corrupt government officers and asked the concerned authorities to take legal action for doing the malpractices.

Ajmal Wazir—an advisor to Chief Minister KP said that the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) stands committed to rooting out the menace of bribery. He said that strict legal action against the government officials taking bribery would be taken.

In order to increase the volume of the Pak-Afghan transit trade, the Torkham border has been opened for the whole day. It is pertinent to mention here that as many as 6000 vehicles cross the border each day now and the trade between both countries is expected to rise to 100 million USD annually from 70 million USD.

The government should deal with the black sheep with the iron hands as these elements are hampering the process of economic development.

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