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Government mulling to ban social media apps for govt employees during the working hours

The PTI-led federal government of Pakistan is planning to impose a complete ban on the use of social media by the government employees during the working hours.

The officials of the National Information Technology Board (NITB) have disclosed this during the meeting of the standing committee of the National Assembly of Pakistan on Information and Technology on Wednesday (today).

The officials of the NITB further said that not only the use of the social media applications including Facebook pages and WhatsApp would be banned during the working hours but the government employees would also be barred from bringing the storage devices such as USBs and hard drives to the offices.

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The body of the lower house of the Parliament was apprised that the officers of the government will also be barred from indulging in any part-time business.

It was also told that the government is also considering to counter the fake news pertaining to the actions and the orders issued by the government and a central server would also be established at the National Information Technology Board (NITB), for fulfilling the propose.

The officials further said that e-offices will be established at every ministry, which will be interconnected. “Any official information would be shared on the server after prior approval of the federal authorities,” they said.

As per the details of the server, it would work as WhatsApp and the official videos, photos, and audios could be shared on it after the approval by the authorities.

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