pakistan rice exports

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the government has issued tender notices for exporting 3000 metric tonnes of irri-6 rice. The exports will prove wholesome for the next crop, the government will provide the incentive to the farmers to harvest the next crop of rice in a better style.

The Ministry has said that the government has also issued the tenders for 5000 metric tonnes of sugar to export to Nigeria. The tenders have been issued by TCP authorities.

This sugar export to Nigeria will make sugar mills owners to pay the price of sugarcane to the growers immediately beside clearing their outstanding dues.

Pakistan has recently seen an increase in wheat exports as well, the country has witnessed the higher exports in one month during the month of April since it was born. Pakistan exported 300,000 tonnes of wheat in the month of April 2018.

Pakistan’s textile exports were also on the rise during the last 9 months. Despite having difficulties in the textile sector the country has seen perpetual growth in the industry. Total textile exports stood at $9.99 billion during the period from July to March 2017-18. The exports were $9.27 billion in 2016-17 according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics PBS.