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Government is Converting 3000 CNG Stations to Electric Car Charging Points


The government has given green signal to an environmental policy that includes the plan to convert 3,000 CNG stations across Pakistan into Electric Vehicle charging stations.

The policymakers wanted to look at how the government will manage power consumption as in the future a lot of electric vehicles being charged at home especially during peak hours can overload local power transformers.

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The officials said, “The charging stations for EVs will require electricity that will be supplied through distribution companies only, unless someone makes their own power supply arrangements.”

Also, the officials said that there were other questions regarding the policy that have not been answered.

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“Can battery-powered EVs be competitive with conventionally fueled vehicles in the next five to ten years? How and when will cost-effective charging infrastructure be developed in the country?”

A spokesperson from the climate ministry said that the carbon emissions from motor vehicles are amongst the biggest contributors to air pollution. This is the reason that they are trying hard to bring electric vehicles in Pakistan.

The spokesperson said,  “The use of electric vehicles may help resolve many issues, including air pollution, rising fuel import bill, and saving two-thirds on transportation.”

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In an earlier article, we told our readers that Pakistan has introduced the first-ever electric car company, Topsun Motors in collaboration with China. On 3rd January 2020, its first showroom was inaugurated in Jail Road Lahore.

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