Government Introduces PakPass App For Travelers Coming From Abroad

PakPass app

The government has introduced a modern mobile app which focuses on guidelines and SOPs regarding Coronavirus, the Pakpass app is mainly designed for travelers coming from abroad.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the government started a technology-based innovative plan to collect information on tests of migrants or expatriates coming to Pakistan from various locations around the world, their movements, and home quarantine.

In this regard, PakPass mobile app has been introduced for passengers traveling from other countries. The government of Pakistan has declared it mandatory for all passengers to download the PakPass mobile app and follow the instructions provided in the app. Instructions have also been issued to the airline management, while CAA’s Department of Air Transport has issued a formal notification—APP.

The Civil Aviation Authority says that the reason for introducing the mobile app is to make it mandatory for passengers arriving in Pakistan to have a 14-day quarantine presence, through which they will be tracked.

The app will be able to collect information on corona testing and home isolation. The CAA has issued instructions that while booking tickets, airline management should instruct passengers to download the mobile app via email, and check-in, also ensure the presence of the app in the passenger’s mobile at the boarding desk.

The airline management will print the link of the mobile app on the boarding pass. At the time of boarding, the management will also check the passport number entered on the mobile app along with the passport. Strict action will be taken against passengers who do not install the mobile app and follow CAA’s guidelines. The instructions say that in the case of family, only one person will install the mobile app, passengers without smartphones will be subjected to strict procedures at the airport.

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