Government Intends to Use Social Media to Resolve Citizen Problems


Iftikhar Durrani, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Media said that the PTI  government intends to use social media to present an optimistic view about Pakistan. He said that the social media platform should be used to solve the problems of the citizens.

National IT Board collaborated with Facebook to organize a workshop. In this workshop, the executive director at NITB Nasir Naqvi said that all over the world governments use social media to inform the citizens.

Naqvi said,  “From the passing of new legislation and policies to large-scale developments, the government must now actively participate in the public conversation which is why embracing this new era of social media discourse is critical.”

Facebook’s Politics and Government Outreach Manager in Asia-Pacific Roy Tan said, “We have programs with tech startups, SMEs and civil society groups in Pakistan who have successfully used social media.”

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A digital media strategist Imran Ghazali said that it is essential for the government to arrange the digital media assets. It will allow the government to promote the positive image of Pakistan.

In this age of social media, it is important that the governments and the public effectively utilize the platforms. The tools are there, how those tools are incorporated for the benefit of all is essential.

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