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Government Hajj Quota will not be Increased – Supreme Court

Supreme Court has rejected the plea of federal government asking an increase in Haj Quota. For the yearly pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, a request was made to increase the quota which has been rejected by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Deputy Attorney General Sohail Mahmood approached the three-member bench led by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar.

He said that Islamabad High Court last month decreased the government Hajj quota to 60% from 67% which was later reverted by the present government

The court then asked the Deputy Attorney General how the federal cabinet can overturn a court order. To this, he responded saying that after the court order was announced, a committee was formed to cater the issue. He added saying that private Hajj is extremely expensive in comparison to an official one.

Chief Justice inquired about the ‘illegality’ of a decision made by the High Court and challenged by the federal government. Commenting on that the High Court clearly dismissed the appeal of the government.

Chief Justice said that the people should have an opportunity to perform pilgrimage comfortably. Thus on March 16th, Islamabad High Court change the Hajj quota as 60% for government and 40% for private pilgrimage operators for 2018.

Before this, the government had set its quota as 67% and the remaining was left for the private operators.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Hajj applicants under the government Hajj scheme, who have been successful for the Hajj 2018 can send their closed ones to perform Hajj in their place if they want to. For this, they need to submit the applications for the documentation. Also the Hajj quota for Pakistanis this year has been increased by 5000 from 179,210 to 184,210 by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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