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Government forces 19.5% sales tax on web services

19.5% sales tax

Punjab Government had chosen to force 19.5% sales tax on web services three months prior, which was to become effective this July.

The charges have formally become effective as individuals are seeing an expansion in their web charges after the long stretch of July finished. Some are notwithstanding thinking about whether there’s a major issue with their bills.

It was likewise detailed that the students utilizing a web bundle under Rs 1500 would be exempted from the assessments.

The new expenses are at long last being charged and it has left individuals pondering about the explanations for improved web bills. In the event that you took a gander at your PTCL broadband bill from July 2017, you would have seen the expansion in Service Tax.

19.5% sales tax will hike up the overall payable bill

Appropriate from July, the network access suppliers in Punjab have begun charging 19.5% sales tax (as found in the Service Tax) according to the choice taken by the administration three months back. Moreover, there’s additionally a small increment in the withholding charge.

Specialists have cautioned against saddling Pakistan’s blasting IT area keeping in mind the end goal to good development. Measures, for example, the improved web taxation will turn out to be disadvantageous to the development in Pakistan’s web users, who at present developed by 40 million in the previous 3 years.

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Numerous telcos are likewise anticipated that would build their data information rates in the event that they haven’t done as such as of now.

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