Government Can Allow Import of Used Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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According to news reports chances are that new PTI government might allow the import of used smartphones in Pakistan. According to the Ministry of Commerce and the Federal Board of Revenue notifications, presently the import of used and old smartphones is not permitted in Pakistan. But now this will change. Government is considering permitting the import of the used cell phones. The goal is to reduce the import bill as smartphones cover a huge portion of the imports in Pakistan.

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On November 23rd a Federal Cabinet meeting will be held in which the new policy on import of used mobile phones will be approved. Ministry of Information Technology has prepared a summary which will be presented to the Prime Minister Imran Khan. After it is approved the new policy will be implemented.

According to the sources, the import of used smartphones will reduce the import bill of Pakistan and decrease taxes and duties on the devices.

Now even though the government wants to permit the import of mobile phones, it is important that the phones that come to Pakistan are brought through legal channels. Thus Federal Cabinet will also have to approve the measures to keep a check on smuggling of the imported mobile phones.  There are only two legal means through which cell phones can be brought to Pakistan. One is through the commercial import and second is through the individuals who bring phones from abroad. Other than these all illegal channels will have to be blocked.

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