Government Bans Tobacco Smoking in PM’s Office

tobacco smoking

Babar Bin Ata, one of the prime minister’s anti-smoking and anti-polio spokesperson in his statement declared that tobacco
smoking would be banned in the
Prime Minister’s office.

The spokesperson further added that the health ministry would officially issue a notification regarding the ban of tobacco ads in different shops.

Tobacco guidelines Committee has also given recommendations for placing a ban on the advertisements of tobacco items.

From 1st June the intensity of the warning picture would be increased by sixty per cent.

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FBR (The Federal Board of Revenue) opposed the government’s decision for the imposition of “sin tax” on cigarettes and soft drinks on 17th April.

Sin tax will affect the tax revenue terribly. The adverse include the rise in the prices of soft drinks and cigarettes and also the demand for smuggled stuff at the same time will increase, as informed by the federal board of revenue.

As per some sources, industries that make soft drinks and cigarettes pay taxes in billion rupees every year.

The Health Ministry is considering alternative options. Sources said that the ministry is pondering over to increase the rate of taxes which were imposed on drinks and cigarettes.

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