Government And FBR To Get Hard On Non-Filers In The Budget 2020-21

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The government is mulling tightening measures against non-filers in the next budget of 2020-21, while also investigating anonymous taxpayers, tax evaders and large transactions within and outside the country.

In the wake of tax targets, a tax information processing unit has been set up at the FBR headquarters while IT experts will be deployed to investigate the tax data.

The government and FBR are making it possible to bring everyone under the tax net, In addition, an automated system will be set up for notices to frequent overseas travelers and buyers of new vehicles. Notices will be issued through the automated system and fines will be imposed. Data obtained from field formation will also be verified with the help of IT. Instructions have been issued to field formations to achieve the target of Rs. 5100 billion.

It was reported earlier that the Federal Board of Revenue collected Rs. 227 billion in the month of May, the tax collection of this year shows an increase of 7.7 percent compared with the Rs3,266 billion collected last year till May 2019.

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), in its statement, said that the department had managed to achieve 90% of the total revenue target of Rs3,908 billion for the current financial year.

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