Google’s Speech-To-Text Recognition Feature Now Available In 119 Languages

Google’s speech-to-text recognition includes 21 more languages to its feature. If you find typing hard, now you will be able to speak your message instead of writing it down. The feature is now supported in 119 languages. Google also claims that dictating a message is three times faster than typing it.

Now the twenty-one languages part of Google’s speech-to-text recognition feature includes Urdu, Tamil, Armenian, Bengali, Lao, Sinhala, Sudanese, and Nepali.

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In order to make the feature accurate in the new languages, Google took samples from native speakers saying normal everyday phrases. The company said, “This process trained our machine learning models to understand the sounds and words of the new languages and to improve their accuracy when exposed to more examples over time.”

Now the speech feature can be used to search voice and on various Google Apps like translate app.

Not just this Google has also introduced a feature that can add emoji if you ask like if you say “smiling emoji” it would automatically appear on your screen. At the moment Emoji feature is only in English language but it would soon launch in other languages as well.

Users need to install Gboard first to get access to voice typing function and then chose the language of their choice by pressing G.