Google’s postponed the launch of Gemini


According to some recent pieces of information, the introduction of Gemini, Google’s rival to GPT-4, has been postponed until 2024. A few months ago, Google debuted Bard in response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. However, ChatGPT’s GPT-4 is superior to Bard in terms of raw power. For this reason, the tech giant Google has begun working on Gemini but it is not coming anytime soon.

What is Gemini?

The tech giant Google is aiming big with AI. Bard is quite powerful but not as per the company’s expectations. On the other hand, Gemini is Google’s multi-modal LLM. As compared to Bard, Gemini will be more powerful. It will be a better competitor to GPT-4. It will be able to produce visuals in addition to text, unlike Bard, which will allow it to function as a kind of all-in-one AI bot. We’re at the stage in AI when more chatbots are beginning to use picture generation. By utilizing increasingly sophisticated AI, it will be able to provide more thorough and superior solutions.

Gemini’s launch was postponed

Although Gemini’s launch was unknown to the general public, leaks and speculation gave us the impression that it would occur this month. Rather than making a big deal out of it, perhaps the firm intends to quietly introduce it. Well, it won’t arrive this month; rather, it will be official at some point in January 2024.

In accordance with the report shared by The Information, due to issues with queries related to other languages (except English), the CEO delayed the launch until next month. It is indeed a positive approach to making the process more streamlined. We can all agree that, in contrast to Bard’s launch, Google wants Gemini to go smoothly and without any problems.

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