Google’s Pixel 8 will let you a customize your own AI wallpaper

Google officially unveiled the Pixel 8 parallel to roll out of Android 14. A new AI wallpaper feature was introduced in Pixel 8 that’ll let you design customized wallpapers for your screen. This feature uses the technology of AI and will provide you with multiple prompts to select your wallpaper from. There are certain options you can select your theme from, including imaginary, mineral, luminous, painting, bloom, volcanic, and others.

By choosing a theme, you’ll be presented with a short sentence with different words to pick from. For instance, to build a complete prompt, you can choose the “Bloom” theme and then choose from a list of word alternatives. After completing these steps, you hit the “create” button, and an image is produced. Depending on the instructions you provided for it, a carousel of possibilities may also be accessed by swiping. Google also included a thumbs-up/down button so users could rate the tool.

Pixel 8 AI wallpaper will save your result

You’re in luck if you genuinely appreciate the function and want to keep your creations. Because after feeding an image cue to the AI wallpaper designer, you can save the outcomes you like by setting them as your wallpaper. Your AI wallpaper is in a newly established section of the AI wallpaper creator, where you can always locate it after that.

This will enable you to accumulate a sizable number of them that you may switch between if you want to switch things up. Furthermore, it’s easy to find them because they’re in the same menu as where you create them. The Pixel 8 has a wide range of AI functions, including this one. Others include Google Photos’ new magic editor function and the zoom enhance feature on the Pixel 8 Pro.

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