Google’s Pixel 8 Pro passed JerryRigEverything’s Torture test

The Google Pixel 8 Pro was announced last week and is now accessible through platforms like Best Buy. As we went in with many kinds of tests, durability was yet to be done. Well, JerryRigEverything set up a durability test for Google 8 Pro.

This durability test demonstrates the Pixel 8 Pro’s capacity to withstand a variety of challenges, including being bent. Although Google hasn’t always performed well in the bend test, the Pixel 8 Pro did. When he attempted to bend it, the only actual result was some creaking from an old wooden chair. That’s very impressive for Google, and thankfully, it fared far better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max did.

Why these durability tests are significant

Many people ponder the purpose of these durability tests. Since it’s quite improbable that you’ll break your phone or set it on fire, We never truly know, though, what might happen to our phones here. We might drop them next to an open flame or wind up sitting on them. It will be interesting to see how well these phones withstand the torture test.

Google has committed to updating the Pixel 8 series for the following seven years, or until 2030. It’s conceivable that many people will keep their phones for a long period. A durability test on a device that will be updated in the next 7 years is a big deal. You can view this whole process in the YouTube video. it performed very well specifically in bending test that is pretty rare for Google phone.

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