Google’s Online Currency Converter Faces Technical Glitch, Shows Wrong Pak Rupee Rates

The Google’s online currency converter, experienced some technical glitch on Tuesday night as it started to show wrong Pak rupee rates. The online exchange rate converter showed incorrect values of Pakistani rupee against different currencies.

 This could have resulted in a major market panic as the converter showed shocking values against various currencies. The values of the US dollar, the Saudi Riyal, the United Arab Emirates Dirham, and euro in terms of Pakistani rupees were converted by Google as Rs76.25, Rs20.33, Rs20.76 and Rs 87.01 respectively.

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Bloomberg has indicated on its portal that the data being shown by the Google online exchange currency converter is incorrect and the correct value of Pakistani rupee against the aforementioned currencies in Pakistan rupees are as follows:

US dollar—Rs139.38

Saudi Riyal—Rs37.16

Emirati Dirham—Rs37.95


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