Google’s One VPN will now be available for desktops: besides your phone and tablets

Google One VPN

It seems like Google is putting in all the effort to make its VPN worth using. Previously, concerning the Google Fi subscribers, the holders of cloud storage having Google One were offered with as witch. This switch helped them to conduct their online business with more security. Though, it was just restricted to a mobile phone or tablet. Since then the company was promising that it will bring the feature to Windows and Mac in the near future.

Now, the wait is over. After months of patience, we finally arrive at the point where the company has taken the final steps for delivering the said service.

The subscribers of Google One enjoying the 2TB tier ($10 per month) or higher have access to the service of mobile VPN. As of today, users will be able to use the services on a wider scale. They can download a client for their machines. Thus, utilizing it on their Windows 10 and macOS 11. The VPN is currently available on Android and iOS in 22 different markets. The VPN by Google One will be accessible on the similar 22 markets as Android and iOS.

The experience of VPN service on a desktop version will be similar to its mobile app version. It will provide industry-standard traffic encryption. Also, a backend system that guarantees checks and balances for protecting their activities on the web will be accessible. Given the Google One plan, account holders could share VPN access with around five other people.

As of now the download links are not live. But they will be soon accessible as they are ready. You could download them from Google One website. Furthermore, you could refer to the help page of Google One for the VPN, expected to be updated.

For subscribers who are enjoying free services on certain devices, a qualifying plan for Google One will be required in order to gain the benefits of desktop clients as well.