Google’s NotebookLM may be the ultimate AI-based note-taking app

With NotebookLM, an AI assistant app targeted at assisting writers, educators, students, or other creative types, Google is attempting to add a little spice of artificial intelligence to the otherwise dull note-taking tools. Google released NotebookLM to the public on Friday along with a few updates and new features after keeping it in testing for a few months. The purpose of the tool is to gather data from several papers and utilize it to create a synthesis of knowledge.

It was formerly referred to by Google as a “virtual research assistant” since it could make connections between different documents. Let’s say you mix a few prescribed reading resources with some of your own notes from the most recent course. You can ask NotebookLM to go over the key ideas of the lesson or get into a few more specifics on a certain topic.

Users can add more PDFs or copied text, as well as pull in various documents using their Google Drive. After the software has finished parsing through the documents, you can ask questions about the content or even create new documents using the information it contains using a straightforward prompt menu. That is the general notion, anyway. Users can create their own notes or reminders by using the “Add note” option after saving some replies on a “Noteboard.”

Google originally unveiled the NotebookLM concept at Google I/O. It was at this time that Google made its major AI announcement: its PaLM 2 model, not the fancy Gemini AI. Internally, it was known as Project Tailwind, but to test the program, a small number of American writers were given access to NotebookLM. Google released the AI app to the public with the customary “experimental.”.

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