Google’s finally bringing Play Games on PC

Google has been testing Google Play Games since last year. It seems that the company has been secretly proceeding with the testing phase without making much noise. As per the latest reports, Google is finally pushing Play games on PC.

Back in November 2022, the company released a launcher that allowed users to download, install and play games from Google Play store. Although, this doesn’t provide access to all games. However, Google is partnered up with developers to optimize its app usage to use mouse and keyboard. This will allow you to play games like any other PC title.

Google is pushing Play Games for PC

Those who work in the computer industry would be more knowledgeable about this, but the typical Joe wouldn’t really be aware of it. Google is now trying to correct this by promoting Play Games for PC more. If you open the Google Play Store website on your Windows computer, you’ll see this.

You would typically see the usual material, such as the top games and suggestions. On the other hand, if you go to the Play Store, you’ll find a sizable landing page for the beta.

The first thing you will see is a pair of big banners featuring a PC game. “[Game title], now available on PC]” and “Google Play Games PC” were all that was written on them. A grid of additional apps that you can download for your computer is displayed underneath that. There is also a whole different layout, so Google may be testing several feed iterations on different users. Another design we see alternates banners with carousels.

The very first banner will have a carousel directly beneath it. Then comes a second banner, a carousel, and the last banner. It’s possible that Google is comparing two alternative layouts on several test sites. The business may decide on the best choice and proceed with its release to the public.

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