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Google’s Ex-employee Working On Ultimate Camera App For Adobe

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Adobe was recently able to record very interesting personnel access. Scientist Marc Levoy, who became known in the IT industry for his work on the camera app for Google’s Pixel smartphones, is now working for the software company.

Adobe has secured the services of a former Google engineer from the Pixel team. As the specialist for image and video editing software recently revealed, Mark Levoy is now working for Adobe on an advanced, platform-independent camera app.

The head behind the camera of the pixel series

The acquisition of Levoy is paying attention because the researcher is attributed to a large share in the development of the impressive technologies behind the computer photography of Google’s Pixel smartphones. Levoy’s achievements include functions such as taking photos with HDR + (High Dynamic Range +) for images that are as rich in color and contrast as possible, as well as the portrait and night vision modes that work with the help of artificial intelligence.

The former Google employee made a decisive contribution to the fact that Google’s pixel devices can take photos that cut out the photos of smartphones from competing manufacturers or at least are on par with them. All of this, mind you, despite weaker camera technology in comparison. Levoy’s work has undoubtedly inspired AppleSamsung, and other competitors to expand their own efforts in the field of computer-aided photography. This was particularly evident in the last two generations of the iPhone .

The ultimate Photoshop Camera with a lot of experience

According to the information currently available, Adobe could now use Levoy’s expertise to develop a camera app that is not only interesting for pixel owners, but for everyone who uses a smartphone. In any case, the scientist should participate in all initiatives in the field of computer-aided photography within the company. Compared to the online magazine The Verge, Adobe did not want to be pinned down to what exactly is behind Levoy’s new main project. Adobe currently offers Photoshop Camera, its own camera app for iOS and Android. It is easy to imagine that this should be significantly upgraded.

It was only in March of this year that Levoy turned his back on Google after around six years. Before that, he did research at Stanford University and was already involved in a camera for Google Glass and the early stages of Street View for Google Maps.

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