Google’s app is being reported as malicious by Huawei phones

According to some recent pieces of information, a few HONOR and Huawei smartphones have begun labeling the Google app as malicious. The information surfaced on Google Support, Reddit, and other platforms. Users reported the issue on the above-mentioned platforms, along with screenshots to indicate the exact problem.

Reportedly, the smartphones are notifying users that the “app is infected.” It is being labeled as a “TrojanSMS-PA” virus. The popup states that there is a danger associated with the app’s capacity to send SMS messages without the user’s permission. The entire warning message is as follows: “This app was found to be sending SMS in private, offering adult content in exchange for payments, downloading and installing apps in secret, and stealing personal data—all of which have the potential to cause harm to property and invasions of privacy. It is advised that you uninstall it right away.

It was not flagged by Norton & Sophos

As of now, there is no response from Huawei about this issue. Moreover, antivirus apps like Norton and Sophos didn’t mark the app as malicious. To continue the discussion, we are all aware that Google apps are not officially available on Huawei smartphones because of the US ban.

They can be run in some ways, such as using GSpace, but you can’t even sideload them normally because they require Google Services to function. Therefore, an emulator like GSpace must be used. There is no information on whether it problem is presented to devices that have access to Google services or to devices that don’t have this access. Only time will unveil more details.

It appears to be a bug

Well, it could be a kind of bug that could have resulted from merging Huawei’s software and the Google app. One thing to notice here is that the Google app can’t be said to be a Trojan virus. There is a possibility that the companies might address the issue anytime soon. In case, you are facing the same issue, make sure to uninstall and then reinstall the app. Furthermore, you can also clean up Huawei’s Phone Manager app.

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