Google’s AI System Diagnoses Cancer Better Than Doctors

An Artificial Intelligence system has been developed by Google which has an ability to detect the presence of breast cancer more accurately than the doctors, the company announced.

By using tens of thousands of mammograms from women in the United Kingdom and the United States, the artificial intelligence system was trained to detect the presence of cancer. It is worth mentioning here that so far early research has shown that it can produce more accurate detection than human radiologists.

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A study was recently published in the British multidisciplinary scientific journal Nature which was conducted collaboration with colleagues at DeepMind, Cancer Research UK Imperial Center, Northwestern University, and Royal Surrey County Hospital.

According to the study, the AI technology by the tech giant Google led to fewer positives, where the results of the test say someone has cancer when they don’t as well as false negatives, where the presence of cancer goes undetected.

The AI system was able to reduce false positives by 5.7 percent for the subjects from the United States and 1.2 percent for the United Kingdom’s subjects while also reducing false negatives by 9.4 percent for the subjects from the United States and 2.7 percent for the United Kingdom’s subjects.

It is pertinent to mention here that Google’s recently developed AI system was more accurate than human experts despite having less information such as patient histories and prior mammograms to work with.

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