Google will combat misinformation with ‘prebunking’

The tech company Google deals with the world’s biggest search engine. It is used by a majority of the population. So, we can say that the company has control over the information accessed by hundreds and thousands of consumers. In order to prevent the spread of misinformation, the company has introduced several measures. The browser presents the users with balanced search results and coverage.  But possibly there can be loopholes.

To cater to these problems and culprits, the company started the ‘Prebunking’ campaign. It was initially introduced in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. With success in these regions, the company has decided to expand the campaign across Europe.

So what is prebunking? Let us understand it here.

It is basically a technique that has the potential to combat specific fragments of fake news. In addition to this, it enables the users to identify the misinformation with the aid of public tools. The company introduced some videos in the above-mentioned regions on various video-sharing platforms that helped generate awareness among audiences.

Jigsaw is a subsidiary of Google. The campaign carried out by Jigsaw was based on the research findings of the universities of Cambridge and Bristol. It was initially started in 2022. The results indicated that almost 8% of users who had the access to videos were less prone to misinformation and fake news. In fact, they were able to correctly identify them.

As part of the expansion plan, Jigsaw intends to introduce a similar technique to the German population in the next few months. If the results are successful, the company will take steps and introduce similar campaigns in other regions as well.

However, the current strategies and approaches adopted by tech companies suggest that misinformation will be a threat in the near future. With the use of chat-based results and knowledge collection, misinformation could be carelessly conveyed in a more convincing way.