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Google, the web search engine turns 19 today

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The most visited web search engine on the Internet is 19-years of age today.

As Google turns 19, we would like to appreciate the web search engine for being our trusty savior in times of need. From getting help on assignments to fact checking figures for an up and coming presentation to finding the right spelling or articulation of a word, and so on, Google has turned into an extremely dependable companion throughout the years. The common phrase we utter is, “Just Google it!”, Which shows the importance of this thing in our life.

Google is the most famous web search engine in the world

While Google began as an internet search engine, throughout the years it has extended its space to incorporate an assortment of backups like Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google+, a venture subsidize called Google Ventures, and it even purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in the year 2006. Additionally, Google experienced a huge rebuilding in 2015, wherein it turned into a piece of a recently shaped parent organization Alphabet – Larry Page and Sergey Brin turned into its CEO and President separately, and Sundar Pichai took the rules of Google.

In festivity of its nineteenth birthday celebration, Google has made a splendid doodle for itself. Google Doodle is an element which was begun to celebrate eminent occasions far and wide and Google is utilizing it to give itself some extraordinary treatment on its nineteenth birthday celebration.

The Google Doodle today is a turn wheel which incorporates Google’s 19 most important doodle amusements it has ever made. The gathering incorporates tic-tac-toe, Snake diversion, Solitaire, an Earth Day test, and the famous Pac Man amusement which, as indicated by Rescue Time, when initially discharged, brought about the loss of 4.8 million hours of productivity.

In case you’re grinding away, make an effort not to tap on the present Google Doodle since it won’t let you complete any of your pending work.

Now, I will go back to playing Google Doodle.

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