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Google Warns Unreliable Results In Search


With current events or trends, Google search results can be unreliable. Users should now be warned of this if the information on certain topics or events is requested. However, the feature is currently still being tested. The notice should always appear when a Google user makes a search query on a topic for which there is only little reliable information. That comes from a screenshot of the Twitter user Matt Navarra. The search engine company warns in the example that the results of a recently reported UFO sighting could change within a very short time. Other fast-paced events could include current political developments and natural disasters.

Requirements Still Unclear

It remains to be seen which requirements must exist for Google to consider the results of a current event as “unreliable“. In addition, it is not yet known when a corresponding notice will be removed. The total number of search results should not matter, as some users say the warning is also displayed on topics with many messages.

At the moment, the notice seems to only appear in a few results. This suggests that the search engine company is still testing the function. It is unclear when the warning occurs more frequently. There is no official statement yet.

With the warning of unreliable events, Google apparently wants to ensure that users do not rely on the first displayed sources for current topics. It takes the search engine some time to distinguish relevant and trustworthy sources from deliberately spread misinformation and rumors.

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