Google Voice makes the identification of spam calls easier with its new visual update

No phenomenal and remarkable advancements in hardware, as well as software, have been observed during the last ten years. This is because the problem of spam is still a big problem. Although, most email services can now deal with junk emails. But the robocalls and texts still persist.

Given this perspective, our smartphones are well-equipped with dealing such troubles. It can be done via third-party applications like blocking spam messages. Or even companies like Google introduce methods to restrict and limit such problems through its products and services.  To address this issue, Google is all set to introduce an amazing feature. The new feature consists of a visual element for the caller ID screen. This ID will be presented on the screen for incoming calls. Thus, presenting a clearer look when the user receives a spam call.

9to5Google mentions that the new feature will only work when the user sets the spam filter off in Google Voice. Once the automatic filter is disabled, suspicious calls will be marked with a “Suspected spam caller” label. This label will be located right below the phone number of the incoming call. This label will further be taken to the call history to identify the history of spam calls and accompanying numbers within the app.

In addition to this, users of Google Voice will still be able to block calls. Blocking a number will share the call details with the voicemail if in the future the same spam calls are received on the user’s contact. This action will move the number from the call history section to the spam folder. Besides this, if the incoming call is not spam, users can even label them so in the future the number is not detected as spam and the trigger “Suspected spam caller” doesn’t activate.

The latest feature by Google Voice presents users with more details regarding incoming calls. It is to be seen whether another protective layer is added to this feature or not particularly associated with the prevention and receiving of spam calls. The new feature is ready to roll out. It will be introduced in a few upcoming weeks.