Google to update text formatting for Google Keep on Android

Google Keep is one of the most popular note-taking apps on Android. The app is all set to get rich text formatting. This follows the code that was discovered to indicate that rich formatting is on the way.

Rich text formatting is coming to Google Keep

In a blog post, Google has now unequivocally said that the functionality is on the way. You will be able to “customize and add emphasis to your text through bolding, underlining, italicizing, and heading styles,” according to Google, who claims that this was a “highly requested feature.”

The likelihood is that the feature is not already available, if you’re curious. Google announced that the rollout will begin “in the coming weeks” for Android smartphones. Therefore, we are unsure if the rollout has already begun or not, but we have not yet received the choice.

This feature is being already rolled out

It’s possible that this update is already rolling out, but it might take some weeks to reach everyone. Google expanded its multi-instance capability for Google Keep on large devices back in March. Back in March, a single note widget was also added. And right now, rich text formatting is bringing about an even bigger revolution.

It goes without saying that for some people, this will be a game-changer because it allows you to properly organize and emphasize specific areas of your notes. It’s easy to believe Google when they claim that this was one of the most requested features.

In all of this, it should be noted that Google made it clear that the feature is coming to Android. Therefore, it is possible that rich text formatting won’t be available for iOS devices and the web version for some time.

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