Google to introduce plenty of new features for iOS

Google Chrome isn’t all about dominating your PCs; it’s doing the same for your mobile phones as well. Chrome is currently represented as the best browser, and it will keep that place as far as we can see by getting all the updates being introduced by the platform. So, if you are using Chrome on your Android phones, you might already be enjoying some handy features offered by the platform. As for iPhone users, these features will be introduced in the coming week or month.

Along with these features, the first one for iPhone users is about using the web browser through your phone’s camera with Google Lens integration. This lens search feature is already integrated on Android devices as well as web versions of the app. This latest version of the web is providing a new way to search for what you can see other than just typing.

Tapping on an object for long enough will bring up the lens and let you search for the object. With the latest update, you’ll be able to perform this action by using your iPhone’s camera to search for things like the brand phone accessory your friend bought, or it might be searching for matching furniture for your living room.

The Google Lens button is already available on Chrome address bars on your Android devices and will be available for iOS devices in the upcoming months, as per an announcement via a Google blog post. Last year, in April, multi-search capabilities were added to Chrome, which allow you to perform searches using both text and images.

Although this feature wasn’t particularly available for iOS, there are several other features that are available, including support improvements for Google Maps. If you press and hold long enough on the address web page, a mini map will display the location for you. It will save the pain of searching for a location by writing specifically in the Map app to search for a location.

Along with that, you are no longer required to switch from Chrome to Google Calendar when creating an event. You can perform it directly by pressing and holding on the date displayed on a web page; an option for adding it to the calendar will be displayed for you. A separate sheet will pop up for you to save time and location information. You can save it by tapping on the save button in the right corner of the page.

Google Translate support has received new updates and improvements on iOS. You can translate a certain portion of the web page by selecting the line in the browser and tapping on the translate button.

All these features are there to make your search experience more intuitive. These features will be available on Chrome on iOS devices by picking up equal capabilities like Chrome actions and making them a part of the search.

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