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Google Tests ‘People Cards’ that let you add yourself to Search

A new user-created profile system named “people cards” is being tested by Google. It would allow users to create their own profiles. These profiles will then appear directly in the Google search results. This would be similar to the profiles of celebrities and businessmen that already appear on Google. Currently these new people cards are being tested in India in English.

In order to set up new people cards, you need to search the phrase “add me to search” while being logged in to your Google account. From there Google will bring the user to a new page that permits them to create the card. The mandatory fields include the name, occupation, location, and an “about” bio. If users wish they can add information regarding their your education, hometown, links to your website and other social media along with their phone number and email id.

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It is important that mention here that if such a system is created that allows your private info being shown to million of other users, it can lead to abuse, trolls and privacy issues.

Thus, Google claim to have a “number of mechanisms” to prevent spam and abuse of the people card system. Only one card can be create with each Google account. Also, their account needs to be authenticated via a phone number before they are permitted to create the card.

Currently Google search people card are launching in India.

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