Google Settles Antitrust Case With Match Group Before The Trial


Google and Match Group have reached a settlement in their antitrust case, averting a trial that was set to scrutinize Google’s practices in app store management. This development marks a significant turn in the ongoing legal battles involving major tech companies and their control over app marketplaces.

Google and Match Group Settle Antitrust Case

Settlement Announcement: Google and Match Group announced their settlement, resolving the antitrust battle that Match waged against Google. This settlement came just before the case was scheduled to go to trial.

Background of the Case: The lawsuit, filed by Epic Games and Match Group against Google, accused the tech giant of monopolistic practices in its app store. The settlement indicates a resolution outside of court proceedings.

Match Group’s Allegations: Match Group, the owner of popular dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid, and Hinge, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google last year, alleging misuse of its dominant position in the Android app distribution market, the Verge reports.

Implications for the Play Store: The settlement potentially impacts how Google manages its Play Store, addressing concerns raised by app developers regarding Google’s policies and practices.

Broader Industry Impact: This settlement between Alphabet’s Google and Match Group could set a precedent for how antitrust claims related to app store practices are handled in the future.

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