Google Search Desktop: Will soon Witness Lens Integration


Google Lens is an immensely powerful tool for image recognition that allows you to visually explore the world around you. It can reverse-search images, recognize animals and plants as well scan codes or extract text and translate it as well as many other things. The initial limitations were limited to smartphones. Google has rolled out this powerful program to the desktop with its Chrome browser integration in the last year. Soon, it will become part of its Google Search bar on the desktop. At present, Google Lens on the desktop is accessible through the context menu of Chrome.

As reported from 9to5Google, Google is adding the Google Lens shortcut to the Google Search bar on the desktop. Users who have been granted this feature in the course of the A/B testing are seeing a bright Google Lens icon appearing in the search box, right beside the mic button. When you click on the Lens icon, it will bring an image selection window. From there, you are able to drag and drop, or manually upload images to search using Google Lens. The images you upload will appear on the left-hand side, while search results relevant to your query are displayed on the right.

Like its mobile counterpart, this tool also lets you zoom in or focus on a specific area or area. The Lens shortcut within Google Search hasn’t rolled out all over the desktop. Google Chrome for Android already comes with Google Lens integrated into the search bar, so adding this feature to the desktop is an obvious expansion.

Google plans to improve the Google Lens experience on the desktop, which lets users view the results of their searches in the same tab. At the moment when you search for an image using Google Lens, results open in a new browser tab. Google Lens is also available on Google Photos on the web. It’s however limited by its functionality, as it lets you copy and paste text from images.