Google Rolls Out Security Patch August For Android And WearOS

Just like the well-known bricklayer, Mountain View delivers its monthly system update including a security patch for the month of August 2023 for Android and WearOS. Changes are primarily the bug fixes of the Google Pixel Fold and the Google Pixel tablet.

August Security Bulletin for Android and Wear OS

Like every first Monday morning of a virgin month, the system updates for the in-house operating systems for mobile devices such as Pixel phones, tablets, and smartwatches leave the house in Mountain View. The August 2023 patch also contains the security bulletin and fixes some relevant vulnerabilities.

For the Google Pixel Watch, there are a total of eight serious vulnerabilities for Wear OS 3.5 that had to be closed. Among other things, this concerns the regulation of rights, which previously allowed remote code execution in your system components without additional authorization.

Troubleshooting the Google Pixel Fold and Tablet

The Android August patch for the smartphones and the Pixel Tablet even goes one step further: In addition to the typical closure of vulnerabilities from the Google Pixel 4a, errors in the Google Pixel Fold and the Google Pixel Tablet, among other things, have been eliminated. The conflict that caused certain live wallpaper images to display incorrectly should be resolved after the update.

The problem of the lock screen of the first foldable pixel phone has also been negated. The same applies to the contradiction caused by the search input on the start screen. This was only rarely registered. The unfortunate fact that the 11-inch LCD screen flickered in hub mode affected the Google Pixel tablet and should also be a thing of the past once the update has been installed.

As with all server-side OTA (Over-the-Air) updates, these are distributed in waves. To check whether your region has already been taken into account, you will find a system update submenu in the settings under the System item, which gives you the option “Check for updates”.

Do you own a Google Pixel device? Have you received the update yet? Write us your first insights in the comments.