Google Provides More Ad Information And Transparency To Users On YouTube

YouTube Ads

Google is working on making the advertisements placed on YouTube much more transparent. Users will soon see information about the advertiser and find out which advertisements the company behind it has placed in the past.

The search engine company announced this in a blog entry. Last year, Google required advertisers to verify their identity. This should prevent fraudulent spots. So that users can assess whether an ad is serious, it helps in many cases to see the ads that were previously placed.

Should a viewer find the advertisement misleading, they can hide or report the advertisement directly. Then an employee looks at the spot and, if it violates the guidelines, removes it from the network.

In order for the information about the advertiser and all other spots from the last 30 days to be displayed, the user must click on the info symbol and click on the “About this ad” button. Of course, the new feature doesn’t help if a person or company uses multiple accounts to advertise.

Feature Will Take Time To Come

The page with the details of the advertiser is to be integrated into the video platform in the coming months. Initially, users in the United States will have access to the information. The global rollout is planned for 2022. The viewers in this country have to be patient until the new menu appears.