Google Podcasts is going away next year


It seems like it is now quite obvious that anything that Google debuts will eventually shut down. This time, we are talking about the Google Podcasts app. According to YouTube’s announcement, the Google Podcast will be discontinued in 2024. It will be integrated into the YouTube Music app. Well, this is quite sensible since podcasts are already available in the YouTube Music app. For this reason, the Podcasts app has become unnecessary. It is a similar case to the availability of Google Play Music and YouTube Music at the same time.

According to YouTube’s announcement, the company will invest more in podcasts in order to refine the experience for listeners and podcasters. The Google Podcasts service will be discontinued as a result of that investment. As “later in 2024” is what YouTube states, it will probably be in the second half of 2024.

Google has killed several products

It has now become quite evident with Google that sooner or later the company abandons the products. You can also head to the Google Graveyard website where you will find that the company has listed 288 products on that website that might have been or will be discontinued in the future.

It sort of gives rise to inconsistent use of Google products by users because they will eventually be abandoned at some point in the future. Previously, Google reported that it would keep Stadia intact for a long time, but it was abandoned early this year. Google Podcast was obviously one of the best options while searching for a podcast, but don’t worry, there are other options that can be used, like YouTube Music.

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