Google Play Store’s latest update is giving you more reasons to spend money on games

With the addition of new features, Google’s monthly system updates for Android are intended to enhance the user experience. Most of these updates consist of standard fixes for the Android operating system, Play Store, and Play Services. On the other hand, the July 2023 System Update included more than simply bug fixes. For instance, a future Google Wallet feature was mentioned in the changelog before strangely disappearing and later being confirmed by a Google representative. One further improvement that has attracted our attention is the enhanced exposure of new deals and promotions for games on the Play Store’s home page.

The July 2023 Google System Upgrades changelog has a reference to this promotional material feature and describes how Android handsets may now “see whether new events, updates, offers, and content are available within an app or game” from the Play Store’s home screen.

While mobile users are limited to single swipe-able cards at the top of the screen, the feature appears to have been available for some time on the Play Store’s web version, which also has the advantage of displaying additional promotional content. However, changing the orientation to landscape provides a wider view of the possible game offerings. The Google Play Store update, version 36.5, which started going out to smartphones on July 3, includes these improvements.

For the time being, these cards are only accessible through the Play Store’s Games tab, and each one bears the label “Special Event” in the top left corner. Most of these advertisements include some of the most well-known mobile games available, like Roblox, Clash of Clans, Pokémon Go, etc. While doing so, selecting the final card in the carousel directs you to a hub page that lists all “offers and events.”

This is a wonderful innovation that will encourage customers to find more developer-specific offers on the Play Store. In some of these promotions, you can also earn Play Points, which can be exchanged for fun items like a limited-edition Android plushie. Depending on your location, the availability of some redeemable items can be restricted.