Google Play Store will notify you to update your app if it keeps on crashing

When it comes to keeping your apps and data maintained, some users do that regularly; others just don’t do so. For this specific issue, Google is planning to release a new update. As per information via a blog post, if your app is having certain issues and keeps crashing, the Play Store will notify you to update the app.

Although keeping your apps maintained is a handful of tasks, doing it is certainly important. There are certain benefits associated with keeping your apps updated, as it keeps them at their best and makes their performance efficient. Along with that, it will provide the latest features with every update. With every update, certain issues are fixed, along with stability improvements. With any update, you can get a collection of updated features that will make your app experience more effective.

To keep an eye on app updates, you can head to the Play Store. Tap on your profile picture, which will lead you to the Manage Apps and Devices section that will display all of the available updates for your apps. You can update them all automatically by clicking on the option Update all.

The Play Store will notify you to update the app if it keeps crashing

When an app keeps crashing while you are attempting to play it, it is annoying. For this reason, Google is introducing a fresh update to the Play Store. You will get a popup encouraging you to update an app when it crashes frequently while you’re using it. Only if there is an update available will it accomplish this.

It’s crucial to remember that this update is for the Play Store and not for Android. It follows that you won’t need to be using the most recent OS version to use it. In fact, if your Android version is older than 7, you’ll see this window.

There are instances when updates for apps that you don’t wish to install or for which you may not have enough storage become available. Consequently, receiving continual pop-ups could get bothersome. Fortunately, if you don’t update the app, Google will consider how frequently the popup displays for that particular app.

Google appears to want to support us in this by giving us occasional reminders to upgrade our apps. The developers may benefit from this addition in several ways.