Google Play Store is updating its bottom navigation bar

Google has been making big changes to its products’ user interfaces and navigation. Recently, the tech behemoth added a side navigation rail to Gmail for foldable phones. When it comes to user-friendliness changes, adding navigation bars is a typical upgrade because they provide consumers with a full-screen experience. This could be why Google appears to be developing a similar change to make it easier for customers to explore the Play Store.

The bottom navigation bar of the Google Play Store could be semi-permanent

This time, Google is experimenting with a permanent or, more accurately, semi-permanent bottom navigation bar on the Play Store. The Play Store appears to be testing a shift in which Google Play’s four-tab bottom navigation bar may become a permanent fixture. This update was originally noticed by 9to5Google users on their own devices. This entails having the navigation bar on the Play Store stay put even after you’ve opened an app listing. Tapping a button on the navigation bar takes you directly to that section. You can also return to the listing by using the back motion.

However, the bottom bar appears on a “semi-permanent” basis because it is now only found on app pages. According to reports, the bar does not appear in search results, manage apps & devices, or pending downloads. Because of this lack of permanence, the modification feels “somewhat broken,” implying that the navigational element is still being worked out. Hopefully, this signifies that after the adjustment is implemented, the bottom bar will display throughout the Play Store.

Nonetheless, this feature will aid customers in navigating the Play Store. Currently, when you leave any of the main feeds, including applications, books, and games, the navigational element disappears. As a result, the semi-permanent and hopefully soon to be permanent bottom navigation bar is a welcome addition.

Google is no stranger to making modifications to its portfolio of products. Google Chrome, Google News, and YouTube have all welcomed a navigation bar to improve user experience.