Google Play Games, PC beta’s latest update have bring several improvements for you

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Google play Games, its PC version is still under beta testing. Along with that Google have announced some amendments to the platform that will improve it significantly and expand its access to more people.

In an official blog post today, Google outlined some important changes coming to the Play Games for PC test. According to Google, these are significant enhancements that have resulted from listening to and acting on feedback from users and developers all over the world. The most important aspect of this is, of course, access to Google Play Games for PC beta. Because none of the other adjustments matter if you don’t have access to it to begin with.

Fortunately, Google is expanding the beta’s availability and the devices on which it is available. So, if you haven’t already, you now have a considerably better chance of doing so.

Google expands its access for Google play Games to new countries

Google had increased the beta’s availability to a total of approximately 56 nations earlier this year. That’s a sizable amount in and of itself, but as of Google’s most recent blog post, the number is significantly greater. Beta, according to the business, is currently accessible in more than 120 nations. incorporating more than 60 new nations into the beta. Google says additional regions are dispersed over Asia Pacific, Europe, and Latin America but does not provide a comprehensive list.

The beta also includes brand-new games in addition to new area access. Remember that you may play each of these Android games on your smartphone. However, a burgeoning selection of games makes the beta a more alluring option for playing games on your PC. As of right now, Google claims that you can play “hundreds of games” on your PC, including blockbuster games like Arknights and recently released games like Free Fire Max. Only Malaysia and Taiwan get access to Free Fire Max via the beta, unfortunately. Google does, however, promise to soon begin operations in new nations.

Additionally, you may now use keyboard remapping options to alter how you operate the game while using the beta on multiple PCs. All these modifications ought to be active if you are currently a beta tester.