Google Play Games For PC Gets 4K And Controller Support

Google Play Games for PC has recently undergone a notable update, bringing forth support for 4K gaming and controller connectivity, marking a significant improvement in its gaming experience. Here are the key highlights from the update.

4K Gaming Support:

The latest update has extended support for 4K resolution gaming on compatible monitors, thereby enhancing the visual quality of games. This feature allows players to enjoy a more vibrant and detailed gaming experience. Moreover, players have the flexibility to choose from various supported resolutions based on their gameplay preferences.

To switch to 4K resolution or any other supported resolution, players can use a simple keyboard shortcut, Shift + Tab, within any game. This shortcut will display a list of all resolutions supported by the game, providing a convenient way for players to toggle between different resolution settings based on their preferences How-To Geek reported via (MySmartPrice).

Controller Support:

With the new update, players can now connect controllers to their PCs to play selected titles, making gameplay more intuitive and enjoyable. The support for controller connectivity essentially broadens the range of games that can be comfortably played on the platform, potentially attracting more gamers to use Google Play Games on PC.

Enhanced Game Searching:

In addition to 4K and controller support, this update also introduces an easier way to search for games. This feature simplifies the process of discovering and accessing games on the platform, thereby improving the overall user experience.


The inclusion of 4K gaming and controller support significantly elevates the gaming experience on Google Play Games for PC. By aligning with the current gaming trends and hardware capabilities, this update is likely to make the platform more appealing to gamers and could foster a more engaging gaming environment.

These enhancements come as part of Google’s continuous efforts to refine and expand its gaming platform, making it more competitive and user-friendly. By adapting to the evolving needs and preferences of gamers, Google Play Games for PC is positioning itself as a viable platform for high-quality gaming experiences.

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