Google Pixel2 will automatically go on Do Not Disturb mode while driving

Along with other meticulous features in New Google Pixel2 and Google Pixel2 XL that are announced already, there are some features wasn’t highlighted much, the new phones will automatically turn on the “Do not disturb” feature while you are driving.

Google Photos storage won’t be unlimited on Pixel

Google is apparently not making smartphones; rather its focus is shifting towards phone cum assistant. Google has shown this aptitude in the latest Pixel releases and will continue to work on AI-based software technology like Google Pixel Buds that can translate up to 40 dialects, to bring smart assistants to you.

The “Do not disturb” feature is discovered through the new app Google has uploaded to the Play Store. The app named Pixel Ambient Services, as the name suggests, the app provides some exclusive features to Pixel phones.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature senses the motion and turns the feature on additionally with Bluetooth connectivity when you drive the car, but it will not bother you unnecessarily, you can turn on/off automatic enabling of “Do not disturb” feature if you are a passenger more often and do not drive on your own or you travel by bus or train.

Music Assistant

One remarkable feature for songsters and music lovers is that it will keep listening functionality always alive when you are listening to the songs and keep showing you the song titles and details even your screen is locked.

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