Google Pixel Smartphones Got Daylight Saving Time Update Bug

Pixel DST Bug

According to the recent reports, due to the implementation of daylight saving time in the United States and Canada, some Google Pixel phones did not receive updates and did not jump for an hour. Fortunately, a quick restart can fix Google Pixel DST errors.

According to reports, the time of all generations of Google Pixel mobile phone users did not jump from 2 am to 3 am. For some people, this issue activates the “automatic home clock” function of the Google Clock application. When travelling, the “family clock” will be added. In the clock application, these users showed the correct daylight saving time, but it did not appear in the system.

Google Pixel phones have never had a daylight saving time problem. The user who reported the problem today used the default “time provided by the network” and “time zone” preferences (Settings>System>Date and Time).

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Fortunately, the fix is ​​a simple restart of the Pixel phone, but this still makes some people feel inconvenient. Users of Nest Hub and other Assistant smart displays did not encounter such problems today.

This does not seem to be a common problem, because the domestic devices in the United States have not been affected, but in the past few hours, there have been a surprisingly large number of reports that some users’ Pixel time (and alarm clock) has caused trouble, thinking that today The DST changes will be automatically set as before.

Google has not admitted this error, but the Made by Google account did tweet about DST, Pixel and Pi Day this morning: “#PiDay, but this year’s time is a bit long.”