Google Pixel 2 is based on iris recognition technology

The devices and products of the Pixel family are based on fingerprint biometric authentication. The only exception to this authentication method is the Pixel 4 series. As of now, the recently introduced prototype of Pixel 2 unveiled that Google is about to add another authentication technology.

The new authentication technology is based on iris recognition. Iris recognition authentication is no new to tech products, as VR headsets by Apple are also based on similar technology.

The pictures showcasing the iris recognition technology were portrayed on the Internal Archive Twitter account. The images showed a Pixel 2 (Walleye) prototype equipped with iris recognition technology. Thus, enabling the users to unlock their phones by scanning their iris.

In accordance with the information based on the Twitter account, the device is accompanied by an IR LED and an “IR-filtered” front camera. One thing to be noted here is that the device doesn’t hold any conventional selfie camera. Some of the other differences include

no rear camera flashes. Additionally, compared to the Pixel skin, the new product is based on the basic AOSP version of Android. These features relatively point out the initial kind of prototype device.

If Google had chosen to incorporate iris recognition technology into its Pixel 2 in 2017, it would have been one of the first smartphone brands to feature this tech. the Android handset 2015’s Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G is known as the first smartphone based on iris recognition technology. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 series, and Microsoft’s Lumia 950 series would have all knocked Google to the box.

Though, it is not the fact actually that Google missed out by non-adopting this technology. Well obviously, iris scanning holds its significance compared to camera-based face unlock when it comes to security. Moreover, the tech works even at nighttime. But it was a step down from fingerprint scanners while considering reliability and efficiency.

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