Google Photos Delete Directly From Album Function Appears

The limitation that prevented deleting library images from an album has disappeared from Google Photos… more or less.

It took several years to wait, but Google Photos will finally let you delete photos from within an album, without having to search for the image you want to delete in your image library. The change has been introduced with the latest version of the Google Photos app for Android, which has recently started its deployment through Google Play. This is one of the most anticipated improvements by a good part of the users of Google’s image and video storage and management app, because for some reason, until now it was only possible to delete images from the albums through the version Google Photos website. The Google Photos app on an Android mobile

So you can delete images from your albums in Google Photos

Although the arrival of this function is good news for Google Photos users, the truth is that the update has a trick. Before you can remove a photo from your library from an album, that album must be private. If you have it configured as a shared album with other Photos users, it will still be necessary to go to the library to delete the image.

The limitation described is not present in the web version of Google Photos where it is possible to delete any image from an album, whether or not it is shared. 23 tricks to get the most out of Google PhotosLike count from AndroidPolice Google assured about three years ago that the team in charge of Google Photos was working on the development of a said function. Now, it has finally arrived at the Google Photos app for Android… although it has taken longer than initially expected, while users of the web version and Google Photos for iOS have been enjoying the same function for several months.