Google Photos add up stylized video effects to its editing suite

With every update, Google Photos, which might be compared to the Swiss Army knife of gallery apps, gets better. For instance, Photos recently added a useful import feature. The software has now been enhanced by the developers with the addition of video effects and improved media controls, making it an even more useful tool for Android users.

As per information via Google on Telegram, according to an example provided in a video by In Depth Tech Reviews, Google Photos is adding a new feature to its video editing toolkit that will enable users to add a variety of special effects to their videos. The edit interface’s new effects tab contains all the options. The program downloads the effects once you select the effects tab, and you may start using the app.

Google has added 12 new effects, including Dust Max, Black and White Film, Light Leak, and others, that serve a variety of various use cases. Your videos become more unique thanks to these effects. For instance, the Poster effect makes your video resemble folded paper, while the layout effect gives your selfie movies a tidy block-by-block appearance.

This was tried by In Depth Tech Reviews on a Google Pixel 7 Pro running Android 14 Beta 3, and it seems to function flawlessly. It is not restricted to the Android preview version because it also functions on my Pixel 6 running Android 13.

Separately, Google has simplified the use of the video playback controls. There are now buttons to skip ahead and backward in addition to play and pause. It’s a useful upgrade from the previous version, like the one displayed in the video on the Pixel 7a.

The profile menu has also been updated. The full-screen view that appears when you open the profile menu has replaced the previous floating box look that Google had previously used. Additionally, the YouTuber claims that the update is available to him in other Google apps in addition to Google Photos.